PA-SJP series Manual fire alarm button

PA-SJP series Manual fire alarm button
Product Description

Product Introduction and Application:

PA-SUP Series Manual Fire Alarm Button has the advantage of simple structure,novel design and easy installation.It is used in factories,Warehouse,Hotels, office buldings and medium-sized buildings'fire alarm devices.

In case of fire,Just break the glass(TypeⅠ、Type Ⅱ),or when press the start part(TypeⅡ、TypelV),the button will immediately output alarm models,start the alarm and other linkage devices.After type I and type Ⅲ actlon,reuse will need to replace the starting part (glass);After typeⅡ action,no need to replace the start-up part,only with a dedicated key to reset.

When make a regular inspection,just insert the button key Into the test hole(typeⅠ),or press the start part(type Ⅱ,type IV),Or remove the button screw(type Ⅲ)to achieve the purpose of inspection.

Main Parameters:

Model PA-SJP-01、PA-SJP-02、PA-SJP-03、PA—XB-01
Working Voltage DC24V/AC220V
Contact resistant <0.1Ω
Max working current 5A
Indicator light working current <5mA(DC24V)
working temperature -10℃~50℃
Working Relative humidity ≤95RH(25°)


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