Smoke alarm detector

Smoke alarm detector
Product Description


The photoelectric smoke detector is based on the principle of particulate refraction infrared light in smoke to detect fire. The circuit mainly consists  of infrared emission part and receiving part, and the emitter and receiver tube are placed in the optical maze.The optical labyrinth can shield the stray  light from the outside, but does not affect the smoke entry. In the smokeless state, the receiver only receives very weak infrared light. When smoke  enters, the received light signal is enhanced due to scattering. When the smoke reaches a certain concentration, the detector outputs an alarm signal.

Product installation:
1. Please connect the battery to the battery button and install the battery box in the product to keep the battery powered and the  product in normal working condition.

2.Turn on the power, the detector directly enter into the normal monitoring state, the indicator flashes every 40 seconds, alarm  state, the indicator lamp flicker once a second.

3. Select the appropriate position, generally installed on the ceiling in the center of the probe space, use the mounting screw to  fix the base in the selected installation position, clip the detector in, rotate and check whether it is firm.

4. After installation, press test key to test whether the product is working properly and buzzer is buzzer.

Technical parameters

Working voltage DC9V 1*6F22battery
Quiescent current ≤10uA
Alarm current ≤15mA
OPerating temperature -10℃+50℃
OPerating humidty ≤95%RH
TYpe ofalarm sound light alarm
Sound acoustics ≥85 DB
Boundary dimension φ107*35mm
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