ZDMS Jet type automatic tracking and positioning jet fire extinguishing device

ZDMS Jet type automatic tracking and positioning jet fire extinguishing device
Product Description


The PJK fire monitor controller is a centralized control host for automatic tracking and positioning jet fire extinguishing device,  and equipped with the colored Chinese characters LCD touch screen. It is connected with water guns and on-site operation panel  through CAN bus, together with the terminal water testing device with bus communication function. 
It can receive all alarm action  information of the whole system, able to control any fire extinguishing device and can be installed in the fire control room. It utilizes the CAN fieldbus device for communication, making use of the colored Chinese character LCD touch screen display to select the currently controlled fire extinguishing device; capable of controlling the setting of each fire extinguishing device power,  able to display all the fire alarm in this system together with CAN communication failure, water gunner automatic state , opening the  valve, starting the pump and other states; also able to control the water gunner automatic state conversion, switch valve, switch pump and so on.

Technical parameters

Device model ZDMS0.6/5S-LZ Ⅱ ZDMS0.6/10S-LZ Ⅱ ZDMS0.8/20S-LZ Ⅱ ZDMS0.9/30S-LZ Ⅱ
片Production picture
Production radius 30mm 35mm 50mm 55mm
Jet flow ≥5L/s ≥10L/s ≥20L/s ≥30L/s
interface Type DN50Flange DN50Flange DN50Flange DN50Flange
Overalldimensions 250×230×330mm 250×230×330mm 400×380×450mm 400×380×450mm
Nominalpressure 0.6Mpa 0.8Mpa 0.9Mpa
Max mum pressure 0.8Mpa 1.2Mpa 1.2Mpa
Positioning time ≤30s ≤60s ≤60s
Jetmethod Waterspray from four directions of up,down,right and left after the cylindrical jetting Mistspray in the close range,cylindrically waterspry in the remote distance
Power parameter AC200V/Monitor:20W;Scan:100W;Start 300W.
Working environment 4~55℃
Horizontal angle 0~360℃
 Vertical angle Angle ofdepression 30°,Angle of elevation 90°
Communicationmethod -19-CAN Bus
 patch cable ≥3
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