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Wenzhou Senben Security Equipment Co., Ltd founded in 2017, our company is located in yueqing city, zhejiang province, which is a one-stop purchasing company integrating production, sales and services. The company has advanced production equipment and professional fire protection technology. At present, there are more than 100 employees, including more than 10 employees overseas, through scientific and effective management system, establish a good corporate image and brand effect.

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product description

Deluge alarm valve

Deluge alarm valve manufacturer_Deluge alarm valve

The ZSFG deluge alarm valve is a lever structure, with anti-reset function, in line with GB5135.5-2003 standard products. It is  widely used in all kinds of open system (open sprinklers on the side line of the system). Such as deluge system, water curtain system  and water spray system. The ZSFM deluge alarm valve is opened to release the pressure from the diaphragm chamber and open the  disc, using the side pressure of the water supply. Pressure release in diaphragm chamber can be carried out in many ways, that is,  electrical guide, wet guide and dry guide.

Technical parameters

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The fire straight stream nozzle is a kind of fire extinguishing water shooting tool. The connection with the water belt will spray  dense and abundant water flow, which has the advantages of long range and large amount of water. It consists of main components  of tube-tooth interface, gun body and nozzle. DC switch water gun is composed of DC water gun, ball valve switch, etc., which can  control the flow of water through the switch. DC spray water gun is a new product developed by our company. It is a multi-purpose  water gun with three functions of DC spray and opening and closing, which can meet the needs of customers for many purposes.

Technical parameters

Deluge alarm valve manufacturer_Nozzle drawing

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