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Company Profile

Wenzhou Senben Security Equipment Co., Ltd founded in 2017, our company is located in yueqing city, zhejiang province, which is a one-stop purchasing company integrating production, sales and services. The company has advanced production equipment and professional fire protection technology. At present, there are more than 100 employees, including more than 10 employees overseas, through scientific and effective management system, establish a good corporate image and brand effect.

The company's products have all followed the "safe and effective" principle from the selection of raw materials to finished product packaging and delivery, the company has relied on the strong technical force and advanced testing methods to strictly ensure the quality of each product , got qualified after the test by the National Fire Product Quality Supervision and Testing Center and obtained the domestic "CCC" certification, through scientific and effective management system, good corporate image and brand effect are established..

In a few years of the development of company, we always provide our customers with good products and technical support, perfect after-sales service, our company has good products and professional sales and technical team, if you are interested in my company’s products and services, look forward to your online message or call advisory!

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product description

JL series fire alarm

fire alarm supplier_JL Series Fire Alarm

The JL series fire alarm bell has a simple structure and red-coated steel casing. The pattern is novel and easy to install. It is suitable for fire alarm equipment in medical, workshop, hotel and large and medium-sized buildings. At the nominal voltage, the alarm sounds clear and continuous.

The main parameters

  • Model: JL series fire alarm
  • Working voltage: rated voltage 85%~100%
  • Sound pressure level: 75~115dB (level 3 meters)
  • Working temperature: -10 ° C ~ 50 ° C
  • Working relative humidity: ≤95RH (25°)


PA-190 Motor alarm

fire alarm supplier_PA-190 Motor alarm

It is suitable for transmitting signals in small lift,transporter,small ship machinery warehouse etc.Conventional color: red &grey.Material:Steel and ABS resin.Insulation impedance:100M,Withstand voltage:500V AC,The power reaches 40W.Protection degree:IP44

Overall dimensions

fire alarm supplier_PA-190 Motor alarm drawing

Product features

Special motor: High quality motor,rotating speed up to 10000 rps.
Duration: Sustainable working time to over 40 minutes

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